interdictor (interdictor) wrote,

Nocturnal Submission

Im not sure where the day went. I lost all track of time. Its strange living in the place where I am employed. I caught myself wondering earlier when it was time to clock out and go home. A funny little joke played by the subconscious mind....

We were able to break down most of the mammoth desk in the NOC. The only problem we ran into is the that there is an electrical conduit running through the outer frame. While we were not able to disassemble all of it, we made some decent progress. Will finish it up in the morning.

Some great news - I was able to locate Churchill - my fluffy, fat feline! From what I understand, he is in a shelter in Gonzales, just south of Baton Rouge. Jonathan, a coworker who is coming to relieve Shane (who has been here for 2 weeks) is going to stop by the shelter on the way in tomorrow and pick him up. Im not sure what rescue group to thank, but if I owe for creating a friendly database to facilitate the rescue and retrieval efforts of animals trapped in the area.

And speaking of animals, we had us some cow tonight for dinner! Someone was nice enough to stock our fridge with pizzas and a few steaks earlier this morning. Shane is quite the cook. Steak, potatoes, green beans, corn....It was yummy! Dont get me wrong, it wasnt Ruth Chris, but he did quite well with the few supplies we had. I do think that is the first time I've ever eaten a steak out of a styrofoam bowl, so it's definitely worth mentioning.

Anyway, its air mattress time. Hopefully the flying cockroaches wont sneak in the office where Im sleeping and carry me away!

- Daniel Gifford
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