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(no subject)
Two police snipers just came into the building. I know m24s when I see them. That's very disconcerting. I guess they're preparing for the worst. At least it's good to know those kind of weapons are... available... if I need them.

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People stupid enough to buy multimillion dollar homes in an area that will likely be in the path of a hurricane deserve what they get.

...which isn't much, depending on the quality of their insurance coverage.

people buy what they can afford.
people lose their homes many different ways.
and these are areas that have the roads closed following a hurricane until the power lines are fixed; the only way in is by boat. it has nothing to do with the amount of damage sustained by the structure.

do people stupid enough to build in the path of a tornado, mud slide, avalanche, forest fire, tsunami... get what they deserve?

We want these people to provide us with oil, minerals, fish, etc. (which is all I really care about from the southeast/gulf coast).

The people doing that should have good housing. They need to live in the area as a result.

Those people should be armed to defend themselves from the animals who come out after the disaster.

(same thing applies to oil workers in saudi arabia, etc; it's just a matter of scale)

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