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(no subject)
Oh yeah, if you're a chick, send me some nude pics. I could DIE!! :(

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I'm not a chick but I'd be happy to help you out.

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Dear Buff,

Don't die, because if you do, you won't ever get the chance to show me up for the amount of chicks who you can get to show their tits on LJ for you.

Sincerely, lima_pcp.

Do you have a freckle on your nipple?

That's not me...

Nor do I have freckles on my wang.

Nude Pics

lol well I hope you don't die, but if I sent you a nude pic you just might from laffin, enough said, however I couldn't resist a post like this. I feel you must have an excellent sense of humor to post this, does a dire situation bring out the comic in you, or are you just usually funny?

what abunch of stupid sluts laffo

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