December 30th, 2006


Vatican: Evil?

Can anyone look at the Vatican today and think to himself seriously ooOO (The Vatican. Man, that's what Jesus had in mind.)?
The Vatican spokesman on Saturday denounced Saddam Hussein's execution as "tragic" and expressed worry it might fuel revenge and new violence. The execution is "tragic and reason for sadness," the Rev. Federico Lombardi said, speaking in French on Vatican Radio's French-language news program.

In separate comments to the station's English program, Lombardi said that capital punishment cannot be justified "even when the person put to death is one guilty of great crimes," and he reiterated the Catholic Church's overall opposition to the death penalty.

Executing Saddam "is not a way to reconstruct justice" in Iraqi society, the spokesman said. "It might fuel the spirit of revenge and sew seeds of new violence." Lombardi expressed the hope that leaders "do everything possible" so that "from this dramatic situation ways might open to reconciliation and peace." In an interview published in an Italian daily earlier in the week, the Vatican's top prelate for justice issues, Cardinal Renato Martino, said executing Saddam would mean punishing "a crime with another crime."

Good Lord. Child molestors get a slap on the wrist, if that; a mass-murdering dictatorial warmonger can't be executed or else it's a crime? What do we do with him then? Suppose we put him in jail and there's an earthquake which crumbles one of the walls and he escapes? Suppose his supporters bust him out of jail? Suppose the guards are bribed to release him? What then, oh Vatican? "Oh well?"

Just another reason I'm ex-catholic.

When you look at this picture, do think ooOO (Tragic, and a reason for sadness) or do you think ooOO (I wish we could bring more of these types of people to justice)?