October 27th, 2006


Politicians Are Sexual Deviants

I'm no psychologist, but it's evident that people who crave using force or the threat of force to impose their will on others are more likely to be sexual deviants -- especially of the pederast ilk -- than those who do not. Here is yet another example of the nature of the politician:

You can't make this disgusting shit up -- unless you're a sick bastard like Jim Webb (or Mark Foley). Disgusting sexual practices like preying on little boys appears to be the one issue Democrats and Republicans can find bipartisan support for, those sick sick freaks.

To see just what a disturbed bastard Webb is, I've copied this from the Drudge Report:

– A Country Such as This: "[He] could see Jawbone and Ashley Asthmatic [two guards at a Vietnamese prison camp] napping together in the grass. They faced inward, their arms entwined. It looked like they were masturbating each other. It didn't surprise him. … It was common to see men holding hands, embracing, playing with each other. Some of them [the guards] had wanted him. He could tell in those evanescent moments between his bao cao bow, the obligatory deference when a guard entered his cell, and the first word or blow that followed it… Quick, grinding voices, turgid with repressed passion. An exploratory reaching of the hand near his groin…”

Doubleday & Co., Garden City, NY, 1983 (hardcover); page 396.
Bluejacket Books, 2001 (Trade paperback edition), page 396
Page numbers are the same in the Naval Institute Press (paperback) edition, 1983.
Quote is from fifth para, Part 5 “A Country Such As This,” Chap. 24, Section 1

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Don't you people who support political candidates feel like morons yet? You put their bumper stickers on your cars. You put their campaign signs on your lawn. You go to their political rallies. You clap for them! You cheer for them. You chant their names! You poor, dumb sons of bitches. You look up to human filth. Wake the fuck up.