October 6th, 2006


I don't Normally Do This, But...

Two people could probably not have more diametrically opposed worldviews than insomnia and myself. Nevertheless, I think his heart is in the right place and he tries to do the right thing (his Katrina blog compiling was useful to many, for instance), so when I saw this on a journal I read, I decided to repost it here; I figure maybe someone reading this can get to the bottom of this, one of the pressing issues of our time -- so pressing in fact, that Mark (insomnia)'s journal was suspended because of his investigation into it. Via davidkevin via iceblink:

Mark's account insomnia has just been suspended without notice as a result of his efforts to determine who was behind some of the phony "sock puppet" accounts that have been used to post content to their sponsored communities. Some of the information he discovered led him to do a public whois search on a URL, which turned out to be maintained by someone he suspected may be a SixApart employee. He shared the results of his research in a community opposed to advertising, and was suspended soon afterwards. Someone from SixApart monitored the community.

At this point, Mark isn't sure whether or when he will have his account restored to him. He hopes that his friends will spread the word to let his other friends know what's happened, and expects that SixApart will let him back on the site eventually. I hope his years of independent reporting on the personal stories and experiences of LiveJournal's users aren't permanently deleted because of this. He's tried to be there for a lot of people when they've needed help, and hopes that they'll try to return the favor and let their friends and his other friends know what happened.

There, I've done my part. For an alternate viewpoint, go here.