September 11th, 2006



It's been one year since New Orleans was decimated by Hurricane Katrina and 5 years since four planes were brought down, two into the WTC in New York, one into the Pentagon in Virginia, and one into a field in Pennsylvania. New Orleans is still a total mess and in New York bureaucrats are impeding the redevelopment of Ground Zero. Abroad, the War in Iraq is a mess and fighting still rages in Afghanistan. For good or for ill, depending on your point of view, America's borders are still mostly unsecured.

I am a realist not a pessimist, although these days the one seems like the other. I think we're due for another major terror attack here in the US. In light of Able Danger and other information the federal government is trying to suppress, it's obvious that if we leave it up to the government to provide for our security, safety, and well-being, we're in mortal danger. Government has proven itself to be incapable of or unwilling to protect us. I don't see how a rational human being can look at the facts and come to any other conclusion.

What do you think?