June 14th, 2006



Dear Mr. Barnett,


    As stated previously I came upon your Livejournal weblog about your
experience during Hurricane Katrina. I am so proud of you and your team and I am
uplifted by your experience and inspired by your unrelenting optimism in the
face of such Chaos.


    I live in Atlanta and I have my own interesting story of the days
following Katrina. I seems that my daughter decided that she wanted to see what
all the fuss was about and arrived a month premature on August 31. Here we are
preparing for the flooding we were told may come and my daughter decided that it
would be too much of a hassle to put off her arrival any longer. I witnessed
most of the Katrina Disaster from my hospital bed and felt the after effects in
the wallet. GAS Prices hit $4 to $5 dollars a gallon for regular unleaded, with
premium hitting at almost $10 a gallon. Lucky that we even had a car to fill up
my heart was with everyone during that critical time.


    So as the news reporters began to feed out from New Orleans, I was
heartbroken. Instead of coming together at such a critical time, it seemed that
every citizen in New Orleans was incapable of self-reliance and basic human
decency. The Looting that took place was all over the news and felt embarrassed
as an American. Bearing in mind the fact that the people that were looting we
already living on taxpayer dollars, it was appalling to see how they re-paid the
taxpayers in this country for flipping the bill for what I can only assume is
the entire course of there deplorable existence. Furthermore, the news that came
out today has enraged me more than I can explain without multiple expletives in
a row.


    The continued existence of this community of numskulls is an
abomination of the generosity of others. I am sad to say that the actions of
this small group of citizens has tarnished the grandeur of your beautiful city.
But there is hope.


    To know that you and your friends pulled together gives me hope that
all is not lost! For you to have pride over the city that you love is once again
an affirmation of Survival. Not only were you determined to report fair and
accurately the events of Katrina, but you did so without political appeasement
or correctness. You told us the truth that has been buried deep within the
corrupt status of today's media. I came to your site looking for the truth and I
thank you for helping me to make an informed view on what really happened there.
As far as offering you some truth I can tell you that I witness the spending
practices of these so called "victims of the hurricane".


    Here are some examples of what I saw:

        ~Purchasing Big Screen TV's instead of food

        ~Purchasing Luxury bed sets, instead of basic blankets and

        ~Purchasing Bicycles, video game systems and loads of games instead
of Books and Supplies to enroll there children in school.

        ~Purchases of Bulk amount of a variety of alcohol and tobacco


    The list goes on. What's more there was a slight rise in criminal
activity in my area, most of which was great amount of Shoplifting. A friend of
the family, a retired Navy Seal, was jumped by 6 refugees as they attempted to
rob him of his wallet and car. I am happy to report that those thugs got the
sore end of the deal, THANK GOD!!!


    If I could have I would have traded these thugs and criminals for
survivors such as your self, as well as any number of the victims in Mississippi
and Alabama. It seems that they too are not only self-reliant, but they actually
turned away much assistance offered by FEMA. There is this little thing called
insurance, and they were intent on staying and rebuilding the communities that
they love!


    You are a hero and I commend your honesty and bravery. I read that you
served in the military, so allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
serving our country. We need more people like you in this world. Here's to
remembering New Orleans the way that it once was, beautiful and proud!



Elizabeth Ensey