May 26th, 2006


Memorial Day

Posted by: Michael Barnett aka Interdictor

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. I will have some more updates for you soon. In the meantime, I wanted to pass this outrage on to you. I came across this in another LiveJournal community, and I was immediately disgusted. Memorial Day is the day to honor fallen soldiers, not to push political agendas. That's my opinion anyway.

Join us on Memorial Day Morning:

WHERE: Old Hammond Highway Bridge over the 17th Street Canal

WHEN: May 29, at 9:45 am - the moment the 17th St. Canal breached

WHY: The 30 minute ceremony will highlight the federal government's central
role in causing the metro New Orleans Flood. We will remember the 1577 men and
women whose lives were lost and we will focus attention to this American

On this Memorial Day, we will encourage the citizens of New Orleans and South
Louisiana to pay homage to the men and women here who gave their lives defending
America. When the rest of the nation needed us, we were there. Now we need the
rest of the nation to help rebuild New Orleans and South Louisiana.

The ceremony will cap a 7-day campaign urging citizens drape their flooded homes
with a flag sending a message to the nation that we are Americans, too.

In a ceremonial gesture of closure, we will stand at the Canal wall and drop
1577 flowers into the Water of the Canal. The timing coincides with the
recorded moment that the Canal breached and inundated Central New Orleans.

This will be a major press event and the most important event of the year.
Please come. Please bring family and friends.

Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.Org

What is this? The 30 minute ceremony will highlight the federal government's central role in causing the metro New Orleans Flood.

Now I'm no fan of government, but no one who lived in New Orleans, sandwiched between the largest river in North America and a huge lake, and a stone's throw from the Gulf Of Mexico could possibly have been under the illusion that it was safe to ride out a direct hit by a hurricane. So let's start by taking some personal responsibility. Anyone remember what that is? That's when you make a choice based on your perception of the future. Then you accept the consequences, good bad or neutral, that resulted from your decision.

Let's blame the politicians and bureaucrats for their errors. Hell, let's blame them for being politicians and bureaucrats in the first place. But don't tell me it's their fault people stayed behind and got blasted by Katrina. I chose not to leave, but I made an informed decision based on the unique position I would be in, namely that I was going to be in a structurally sound, modern, concrete building and that I had generators, fuel, tons of supplies, and weapons. If anything had happened to me, there would be no one to blame but myself.

Anyway, I guess it's due to my military service, but this event is an outrage to me. Honor the fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. Don't push your political agenda. That's just sick.