February 3rd, 2006


Fire on Coliseum

Post by Sigmund Solares
Chief Executive Officer
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc.

New Orleans historic building the “old Coliseum Theater” went down in a blaze of flames this afternoon. James Winston alerted me to smoke billowing from a building about eight blocks from our office. I took some initial pictures from the balcony and then drove to the location of the fire for more pictures.

The fire was fought using the resources that have been in New Orleans since the week after Katrina hit with several agencies responding. Despite all the fire trucks and the helicopter every other minute dropping water on the fire it took more than an hour to bring the raging fire under control. The Red Cross appeared with a truck and provided bottled water and supplies to the fire fighters. EPA workers were in sight, workers who were rebuilding nearby stopped work to watch the fire as well.

What was interesting is that about 100 spectators congregated near the fire. People brought their young children and their dogs and if you looked at the people without looking at the fire it seemed like people were at a fair. Click here for pictures of the fire