January 1st, 2006


Looking for a New Year's Resolution? Why not resolve to be ready for the next disaster?

Post by Sigmund Solares
Chief Executive Officer
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc.

FLASHBACK: Stockpiling Secrets for Operating a Data Center during and after a Catastrophe

Editors note: After uncountable requests for retelling our story, I am sharing the details of our experiences of what happened before, during and after Hurricane Katrina hit in this series of Flashback posts. Today are some candid suggestions for data center operators on surviving a catastrophe.

Supplies on Hand Are Key To Surviving

Just a couple weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit, my girlfriend said, “I am never taking you shopping again. Any time you go to the store you have to buy 25 of everything.”

There is some truth in what she said. I will buy 25 two-liters of diet coke at once for example. Of course, maintaining a stockpile of essential supplies (like Diet Coke) can be very helpful when there is a catastrophe

At Intercosmos Media Group, Inc.’s downtown New Orleans offices, we had everything that we NEEDED to survive Hurricane Katrina and to keep directNIC.com and Zipa.com operating.

However, with a little better planning the experience could have been less painful if we would have stockpiled more of what we WANTED. If you have to go through a catastrophe, don’t ignore common comforts. They are critical to good morale and keeping one’s cool, sometimes literally.

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