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We're on the 10th and 11th floor of a corporate high rise on Poydras Ave., right near St. Charles. We have generators and tons of food and water. It is 5 of us total. I am not sure how the internet connection will be affected. I have a camera and my gun.

Sustained winds are 175, gusts to 215. The real danger is not the wind, though, it's the storm surge the wind will be pushing into the city from the Gulf through the lake. The city might never recover. Honestly, this thing could be biblical.

I'll try to keep you guys updated as events warrant.

Remember my survival post a while back?

Now you'll get to see exactly what I'm talking about.

And if you're looking to communicate with me, use AIM: IKilled007

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College kids in New Orleans

My daughter is a student at Loyola NewOrleans and just got out of town. We rented her a car; she got the last one. I'm thrilled she's safe -- I mean, that's the only thing, right? Monday was supposed to be the first day of school.

Unfortunately, she just outfitted a house for the first time kinda with the last of her money. You know, the student's first house thing. Couches from Craig's List. First dining room set, stuff like that. She left it all. Everyone did, I'm sure. I feel for her, though. The school told them they all might have to go to another school for the semester. Jeez, you never think of this when you send your kid off to college. She's from California.

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