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(no subject)
Like then P Diddy sang, "We ain't goin' no where."

Come on with it then, storm. Bring me what ya got. Let's see who wins.

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Re: cake walk

Yeah, fundraiser, sure. My elementary school had one (in the mid 70's). They used masking tape on the floor to mark out a path of squares (like a Monopoly(tm) board), and in various squares were cake prizes. The cakes were donated by bored moms. Music was played, you walked the path until it stopped, and if you landed on the right square you won a cake!

Great fun for little kids. MAYBE IT WILL HELP THEM FORGET THE FACT THE WHOLE THING CAME OUT OF SLAVES MOCKING THEIR MASTERS!! (now who could be against slaves mocking their masters?!?)

From http://www.streetswing.com/histmain/z3cake1.htm
"The idea of the Cakewalk was that of a couple promenading in a dignified manner, high stepping and kicking, mimicking whitey's high society. Some of the better plantation owners would bake a cake on Sundays and invite the neighbors over and have a contest of the slaves, different prizes were given but originally it was a cake and whichever slave won, would get the cake... thus the term "That Takes The Cake!" (Plus others such as 'It's a Cakewalk' = very easy) and the name "Cakewalk" was now set. The dance grew in popularity even after the Civil War (1861-1865), but it would change."

Go to sleep. Slavery never happened. Bad things don't happen. The government wants to help you. We will teach your children. Stay scared, we need your money. Oh, and that money that should have bolstered those levees? Uh, yeah, well we needed that $$ to send your kids to be killed (for reasons that you can prove we lied about), yet we'll be damned if you ever know what the hell we were really thinking in the first place, b/c the real reason is so horrible you couldn't even imagine. So this pesky hurricane caught us in the middle of a perfectly good mass hypnotism to get your money (before we sponge the US economy dry), and now we actually are forced to do the jobs and perform the duties that we were sworn to do and that you expect us to do. DAMN OUR LUCK!!

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