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(no subject)
Hmm. This could actually be a nasty storm.

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are you leaving this time??

Plan to leave. Or at worst, plan to leave after it blows through.

You backpedaling little pussy....

i didnt see your car leaving on the freeway....our local news delights in showing long shots of some freeway down your way with one side completely blocked and the other empty.

so you are staying, then?

(Deleted comment)
I read this one on Thursday night, and it struck me as very amusing.

yes definitely won the internet on that one.

Completely. The understatement with the most memorable words in LJland since ``Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered.''

Thou hath stated the truth.

classic example of understatement



This is one time I wish I had tv and not rely on internet news .. but I have been checking on New Orleans more then any other state that was hit ...


Haha. Nasty storm, indeed...

Well, that was ironic.

Hi guys, posting way back here so I can find the replies. ;-)

Saw your make-shift bed using HP packing boxes. Forwarded to our Customer Response Team that's helping Katrina-slammed customers. What are the systems that you are using? I hope HP can help out with keeping you guys up and running.

Sandra Childress, (contract) Administrative Assistant, San Diego, CA

Understatement of the century. GJ!

I nominate that for the first line of your book on this!

haha... no comment.....

Quote-of-the-century nominee

I'm wondering how useful his collection of Ayn Rand books was through all of this.

By day 4, they might have made good eating for someone (or maybe useful for propping up a dead body by some desolate highway)

Never read Rand, believe it or not.

I think that her attacks on authoritarian "communism" were really good, though Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman had made the same observations almost 20 years before.

Her problem, in my mind, was that she made elaborate semantic arguments that placed non-authoritarian leftists (beats, hippies, civil rights activists, liberals, anarchists) in the same category as the authoritarian ones (maoists, trotskyists, stalinists, leninists, social engineers). She helped convince so many people that authoritarian altruism and collectivism could never have an anti-authoritarian counterpart. Perhaps a valid point could have been made that you could not be an honest leftist while the USSR still existed - but then that meant that serious social problems in the USA would have to be ignored until the USSR finally collapsed.

What was more embarrassing to me was her defense of huge corporations (even the cigarette industry), rather than solely the small businessman. Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln all had warned people about the business trusts which would be a great danger if they got too big and powerful.

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