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Get a Woman
B Mar linked this:

UK research: Men more intelligent then women

My take: What these tests prove beyond any doubt is that the researchers are single. No married man would every dream of conducting such a study or of posting those particularly findings.

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I wondered why they added the "sports trivia" section to all those British IQ tests.


I tell my wife that i dont care what she has to say or what she thinks because she dont have a penis...


Re: Pussy!!!

That would be "doesn't" have a penis - you are obviously not in the majority of the men who are smarter than women :)

it's better to have a study on intelligence or brain differences than like the older ones on mating or child-rearing. which attempted to define women through our views of sexuality or how we think women should be. which is just another way of trying to hold onto male power. it's not about sexuality, or who's smarter, or stronger. it's about power. if you peel it away layer after layer what you are left with is always the desire to keep the power. obviously the study is still a small example of us trying to cling to it tho.

but even tho knowing that power is behind it all, it doesn't help me much in finding a girlfriend. ;)


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