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That Vaunted Liberal Tolerance
No wonder the Tea Parties appear to be a bunch of racist, bigoted homophobes: the liberals have infiltrated them.

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I don't think they're fully responsible for that perception, but what they're doing is a bad idea. Not only because it's dishonest, but also because it pushes the middle ground further away from their cause.

I think the whole idea of that is simply a dodge to try and divert away from what's really showing up in too much of the tea party movement. Specifically, a level of hatred being espoused that's entirely un-american.

Specifically, a level of hatred being espoused that's entirely un-american.

How's that again?

Haven't you been paying attention to the mainstream media? Hatred is only patriotic when it's directed against Republicans.

I'm glad to see you back to starting shit over here, where replies can actually be quoted and nested, rather than over at that faggy Facebook.

So they want to false front things, take people's personal information for illegal acts and generally discredit something not because it does something that's wrong, but because they disagree and want to make it look bad via false premises.

This is "liberal"? No. That's something else. Are they going to burn the Reichstag while they're at it?

Comedy... pure comedy.

"I'm going to secretly infiltrate the Tea Party Organization by publicly recruiting infiltrators on my public web site."

Sorry, this is one crank who claims to be a liberal; they're not. The people showing up at Tea Party with racist signs and outrageous lies aren't disguised liberals - they are what they appear to be: violent, racist assholes.


Exactly what racist signs? Exactly what violent signs? Exactly what violent acts?

You're not talking about the Democratic Staffer that knocked down the reporter, while on camera are you?

Or are you talking about the SEIU Union member that attacked the black man at a Town hall in St Louis?

Or are you talking about the Egg Thrower?

Or are you talking about the people who assaulted attendees at the GOP convention? Or dropped bags of cement on their buses?

Those were all Rethuglican infiltrators, those racist bastards, just like the ones who broke a Republican official's leg and beat up her boyfriend outside a Republican fundraiser in New Orleans, and this guy who threatened Palin.

Liberals are uniformly peaceful folks, respectful of principled disagreement. Didn't you know that? Up against the wall!

Um, phanatic? You're the one with gun in your hand.... I only carry a bass guitar.

As for montieth's links... I'm not excusing _anyone_. If you *assault*, *harass*, or *threaten* anyone you're not a Conservative, Liberal, or whatever - you're a _thug_.

As for the cement dropping "anarchists" - well, anarchists aren't liberal anyways. Although the video was fascinating... especially at the end just before they were going to actually _show_ the bag of cement that was dropped on the bus... except that's when the video ended. Pity, I'd like to have seen the evidence.

And I can post links too:



And just where were all these fine American Tea Baggers when President Bush drove us into debt with the Iraq war - a war based on lies, torture and deception on the part of the government?

Back to the topic at hand - publicly organizing an infiltration of the Tea Party to spy on their members and disrupt them is *stupid* to the point of comedy.

It's also immoral and a Republican tactic. ;-)


And I can post links too:

And of course yesterday we had news of Tea Party members tossing the N-word and spitting at members of Congress like Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).

You're aware that there's no evidence this actually happened, right? That Cleaver and Lewis have now specifically disclaimed that they ever claimed it did?

And here's a video of the scene that Rep. Ryan's talking about, or at least part of it. What can be seen from this are people blocking and booing at the members of The Congressional Black Congress who are on the way to The Capital.

They're not blocking anything. They're booing. It's protected political speech. It's not racism, it's not bigotry, it's booing.

I'm not surprised that you believe the transparent propaganda, given that you can't tell the difference between a stylized picture of an actor in a movie and a real person.

"I'm not surprised that you believe the transparent propaganda, given that you can't tell the difference between a stylized picture of an actor in a movie and a real person."


*adjusts bifocals*

It's an actor from a movie? Who cares? It's still a picture of some dude with a gun. It's your icon: your statement to the world. To me it says, "STICK 'EM UP".

As for "believing the propaganda" - I except that evidence of racism and homophobic levels of intolerance has most likely been exaggerated by the press. My question still remains - where were these 'patriots' when the government lead us into the Iraq war on shoddy evidence... which has put us billions in debt and fatten the coffers of private contractors for shoddy work? Where was the outrage then? It was only when a *black* man ascended into office and wanted to bring _health_care_ to more Americans did the "Taxed Enough Already" movement seem to take hold...

And what did they focus on? Health care... not torture, not wasteful military spending... health care for their fellow Americans.

Oh they did protest bailing out the banks... but that was done under the _last_ president. Here, me and the TEA party may see some agreement. I'd like to see more "perp walks" by Wall Street fat cats and the crooks who pushed "liars loans". Now that would be TV worth watching!


Oh, the classic conservative excuse. If anyone in the movement does something that later turns out poorly, they're ex-post-facto defined as not being conservative.

Any liberals trying to infiltrate the tea party movement are tactically insane. You don't throw a drowning enemy your rope, you throw him the whole anchor. The tea parties were doing a fine job of looking like racist, violent idiots prior to infiltration.

If anyone in the movement does something that later turns out poorly, they're ex-post-facto defined as not being conservative.

I'll bet now you're going to tell us that the perpetrators of the stuff montieth and I linked to aren't really liberals.

Or you'll just ignore the comments, altogether.

I make no comment on whether they're liberals either way, I don't have the time to investigate such things. If they claim to be liberals, so be it. There are a lot of idiot liberals, and I'm more than willing to admit that rather than attempt to cut them from the fold for appearances sake.

But I will reiterate that the tea party movement, from near the beginning, has had shades of racism and violence to their rhetoric, and has only allowed that aspect to grow over time. I'm highly incredulous of any argument that would lay this aspect entirely at the feet of liberal infiltrators.

What a surprise, you picked option #2.

Anyone who's still arguing liberal vs. conservative, was asleep when the cluetrain left the depot.

We're nearly a year and a half into Bush's third term, the "conservatives" hate-hate-hate the guy who's in office now, even though his policies are... well, they're lock-step with his predecessor. The health care bill? Everything on the final draft, the GOP was for it, before they were against it.

We're watching the country continue to get cut up, bought and sold to China by the square ton, and all we can do is scream "I'm being taxed to DEATH!!!"

But of course you are, dear. Here, have the remote, I think a rerun of "American Idol" is coming on...

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