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The Libertarian Standard
A new libertarian blog which I have been invited to write for. If you favor justice, individual liberty, civilization, prosperity, and property rights, and if you oppose war, mercantilism, fascism, protectionism, and militarism, you might enjoy reading it. Some high quality writers there, and also me. Enjoy!


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Does it also reject market fundamentalism?

You'll have to explain your loserish new term du jour.

Far from new. The term has been around as long as the ideology it describes has.

"Market fundamentalism (also known as free market fundamentalism) is an exaggerated faith in the ability of unfettered laissez-faire or free market economic views or policies to solve economic and social problems."

In short, that which turns a perfectly valid world-view (libertarianism - a broad spectrum of political philosophies which advocate the maximization of individual liberty) into a memetic generator of useful idiots to shill for the mercantilist interests of big corporations.

And 'loserish'? Really.

How can you make an objective determination as to somethings 'loserish' qualities without knowing first what that thing is?

Because the source is loserish.

Such depth of response.

I am disappoint.

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