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Greetings for our Villa in Palermo overlooking Mondello Beach
I'm holding my 1-year-old daughter in our pool and showing her, the future Empress of Sicily, some of the lands she'll rule over one day.

And here is the future Empress of Sicily herself.

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she's a cutie, love the sunglasses :-)

It looks so beautiful there. And your baby is even more gorgeous -- what a little cutie! :)

She's beautiful! And taking to water like a proper Sicilian already. =)

I wish I could tan without my top on.

Show us some more pics of the house.

Beats the he'll out of the view you had when I first started reading your journal during the whole mess in NOLA. :)

She is SO beautiful. And I agree with wanderrob, it is a BEAUTIFUL view.

È bella! e ché vista!

I recognise that area, I have some family in Palemo :>)


Dude your baby has a tan!

BTW I"m gonna laugh my ass off when you living here again in ten years.

Why would I move back to the US?

They have Hooters everywhere now. Even in England!

I wish I was nice and warm, living in Sicily right now. I suppose I'll be cold and cheerful here in England with my North Face shoes on my feet.

She's adorable!! And the view's not bad either. ^_^

that water looks absolutely delicious. i miss mediterranean weather. florida is just too damn humid.

your daughter is a cutey

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