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New York Times: Busted
Looks like we can add the terrorists' public relations firm, The New York Times, to the list of media sources which publish fake news which -- you're not gonna believe this -- paint the Israelis (and by extension the Americans) as heartless killers. It's AMAZING that the fake stories are never faked in such a way as to paint the Israelis in a better light. Weird. It always seems like every photoshop, every fake story, every forgery -- all of that stuff -- always is faked so that civilization is painted in a bad light and barbarism is treated as the victim. How come there's no fake pictures of Haifa? Where are the fake stories coming out of northern Israel about school buses full of 5-year-olds being blown up? Notice a pattern here? The media -- when it "errs" always seem to make the mistakes in favor of the barbarians.

During the United States 2004 Presidential Race, where were the fake stories about Kerry being a drug addict or abusing his wife. No fake police reports, no fake Military Article 15s, nothing. The mistakes are always made in favor of that side.

Gee, why would that be? Definitely not an agenda. No bias there.

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Dude, 'Swift Boat Veterans for Truth' ringing any bells?

(Deleted comment)
Except for all the focus on the non existant flip flopping tendancy, the swiftboat mudslinging, he complete lack of questioning of any of bushs bullshit policies. Luckily all this stuff about israel and lebanon is drawing attention away from the mess in iraq.

Non existent? Did you hear Evan Thomas after the election talking to Diane Rehm about what he saw of Kerry on the campaign trail? It was even ok for them to admit it on NPR after the election. The man paralyzed his own campaign with indecision!

But I thought the Jews ran the world and by extension of that the New York Times!

Except for malibu, Mel Gibson owns that.

Propaganda is not new.

Yes. The U.S. government does it to its own population. Go Google Oliver North and Central American Peace Movement.

Naw, it's not about the politics, it's about the almighty dollar. Stuff that we know as truths don't sell newspapers, its the senesational things like "just say it aint so!" stories which sells newspapers.

Telling us that the barbarians are indeed evil is boring stuff and something we already knew. How many papers would that sell? not nearly as many as saying "The barbarians are the people we support in all this!"

I dont believe anyone ever accused newspapers and broadcast media of being non-profit organizations.

Stuff that we know as truths don't sell newspapers, its the senesational things like "just say it aint so!" stories which sells newspapers.

This doesn't wash.

Wire services like AP and Reuters don't sell newspapers. They sell photos and stories *to* newspapers. The newspapers are their customers.

If it's sensationalism that sells their stories, why does Reuters deliberately have a policy of eschewing "sensationalist" terms like "terrorist" and "terrorism"?

You can just as easily write stories with a sensationalist slant that would paint Israel in a positive light, that would condemn Hezbollah. Go look at the coverage US papers gave in WWII, or the Spanish-American war. Sensationalistic as all hell. Also firmly slanted in favor of the US, because nobody would have put up with it if it were the other way around.

No, Reuters and the AP don't sell stories based on sensationalism. Not just sensationalism, anyway. You can be sensationalist and still favor either side, or favor neither side.

If Reuters and AP are altering their stories and photos because they think that's what newspapers want to buy, then it's pretty obvious they feel that newspapers want to buy stories and photos that are slanted against Israel and against the US. And what does that say about the newspapers who are their customers?

It is all to create a contrast, which provokes stronger emotion. Strong emotion creates an attachment, and that is what you need to sell your ad space :)

Yes indeed, we must ignore the America-hating-commie-terrorist Media, and support everything Israel does. Because only then will the Baby Jesus come back from Heaven.

Buff, I swear to Glub that if you banned every slack-jawed yokel who posts here who can't even stand still for all the knee-jerking they do as they post, there'd be five posters left. And two of them would be me.

(Deleted comment)
No bias here, either, huh?

You are right. It's very lucky for the Republicans that they have bastions of honesty and even-handed coverage like Fox News, or else(tragedy!) the guy with the most votes would have won the election! Worse, we might not have invaded Iraq under false pretenses and brought democracy to the viet cong Godless heathens Iraqis! And worst of all, we would not have the resources, like oil, we desperately need- just think how high gas prices could have risen!

I hope they get a handle on the Librul Meedya and other terrorist organizations soon, but I am confident this administration can do it. After all, they finally told those leftist UN whackos to shove off, they got the voting system under control with help from Diebold, and they even accomplished remarkable prison reform in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Herr DubyaOur President even found a way around all those nasty "I'm a US citizen with US rights" loopholes, and finally instituted the secret police and court systems we NEED to keep the Fatherland our Homeland safe and secure.

I started reading this journal because I identified with you, as a fellow sysadmin. The Show Must Go On and all that. Your views It's a shame you've decided to cash in on the eyeshare you retained to spout political rhetoric. The media "errs" in the favor of the Right all the time, either by propagating the lies the White House puts out in propaganda press releases, saying "OMGWTFWMDS" often enough to make it "true" to Joe Sixpack, or glossing over little things like closed-door meetings between Cheney and energy conglomerates(can you say Enron?), sweetheart deals(can you say Haliburton?), and blatant market manipulation(can you say Texas oil is $3 a gallon?).

you know why this all happened??

because your beloved bill clinton wagged his finger that he did not have sexual relations with that woman!
you're a total idiot liberal who was given a chance
but INSTEAD left a big pile of dump in the white house

<H1>Is this World War III?</H1>

Many commentators are suggesting the conflict raging in this world today – from the East to the West – is World War III.

Others, who count the Cold War as World War III, have suggested the challenge of radical Islam represents World War IV.

I disagree.

I think we’ve mis-numbered the global wars so far.

I see this conflict – one that has defined history for the last 1,400 years – as World War I. This is the real Great War. It’s far bigger than the conflicts that took a few years to settle. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

This war is so big, some people can’t even see it.

You know the expression, «He can’t see the forest for the trees»? That’s what it is like for some people who look at this war. They see fighting. They see conflict. They see death and destruction. But they can’t see what it’s all about. They can’t see that the root cause.

What is the root cause?

There exists a religious totalitarian ideology that seeks global hegemony.

What we see happening in the Middle East today is the struggle in a microcosm.

Radical Islamic jihadists seek to destroy Israel. Nothing short of the Jewish state’s annihilation will satisfy them. In fact, even the destruction of Israel is simply a means to an end – a short-term goal, if you will. It is the first step in a long march to global domination.

Some secularists in the West look at Islam and dismiss the possibility that it could ever dominate the globe. But it has in the past. It conquered most of the world. And, this time, «most of the world» will not appease the jihadists.

But much of the world believes this evil ideology can be negotiated with. They believe it can be placated. They believe it can be bought off. They believe it can be reasoned with. They even believe that it might be enflamed by legitimate grievances.

Again, let’s return to the microsm – the Middle East. There are no legitimate grievances. Israel did not steal anyone’s land. Israel did not create a refugee crisis. Israel did not oppress the «Palestinian people.» All that is nonsense that I have dealt with a thousand times with hard facts and real history.

The conflict between Islamic radicals and Jews in the Middle East is really very simple. The Islamic radicals want all the Jews dead. The Jews, meanwhile, want to live.

It is about as irreconcilable as a conflict gets.

No amount of land concessions will appease the beast. No amount of foreign aid will appease the beast. No amount of revisionist history will appease the beast.

Only death and destruction of all infidels will quench the beast’s appetite for blood and power.

If you doubt what I am saying, please consider this: If the radical Islamic jihadists in the Middle East – the mullahs of Iran, their puppets in Hezbollah, the suicidal maniacs of Hamas and their patrons in Syria – had the power to destroy every Jew in Israel, they would do it. Does anyone doubt that for a minute?

On the other hand, the Jews of Israel do possess the power to destroy their enemies. Yet, there is no question in anyone’s mind that they would never resort to such an option unless they were somehow faced with annihilation themselves.

Likewise, today, the West has the power to destroy every Islamic country in the world. It’s not a consideration. Yet, everyone reading this column understands intuitively and intellectually that if the shoe were on the other foot, the West would be in big trouble.

This is the way it has always been – since Muhammad first got his demonic visions in the desert. Ever since then, radical adherents to his message have been on the march – beheading, converting by sword, wiping out entire villages, raping and pillaging. Sometimes they are set back – for years, decades, centuries. Sometimes they are on the ascendancy – for years, decades, centuries.

This isn’t World War III or World War IV. This is World War I.

Joseph Farah, posted by World Net Daily

good god, dude, you are so off my friends list.

your nola reports were cool, but this right wing shit sucks. how can you defend bush when he left your city to drown?

fuck me....
why do people believe Bush could have prevented New Orleans from flooding exactly?

I don't quite get what you're saying. Something about Israel being evil and faking what now?


Strongly suggest everyone head on over to Youtube and watch the movie "The Power of Nightmares." See this Wikipedia entry.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Phantom Victory

The Shadows in the Cave

Enjoy, kids. I'm done with this blog.

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