interdictor (interdictor) wrote,

New York Times: Busted

Looks like we can add the terrorists' public relations firm, The New York Times, to the list of media sources which publish fake news which -- you're not gonna believe this -- paint the Israelis (and by extension the Americans) as heartless killers. It's AMAZING that the fake stories are never faked in such a way as to paint the Israelis in a better light. Weird. It always seems like every photoshop, every fake story, every forgery -- all of that stuff -- always is faked so that civilization is painted in a bad light and barbarism is treated as the victim. How come there's no fake pictures of Haifa? Where are the fake stories coming out of northern Israel about school buses full of 5-year-olds being blown up? Notice a pattern here? The media -- when it "errs" always seem to make the mistakes in favor of the barbarians.

During the United States 2004 Presidential Race, where were the fake stories about Kerry being a drug addict or abusing his wife. No fake police reports, no fake Military Article 15s, nothing. The mistakes are always made in favor of that side.

Gee, why would that be? Definitely not an agenda. No bias there.

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