Way to go guys, keep on trucking. All us cam viewers are gonna miss Crystal. Also, too bad the looters didn't nail Oprah's chopper.

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Time to brew up some Community Coffee

That made me laugh...

I live in upstate NY but my wife's family is originally from Baton Rouge. We have been ordering Community Coffee online since we moved here. Ironic, when the hurricane hit well before the levy broke, I had her call to insure they were going to continue to ship us coffee.

Turns out, they are based in Baton Rouge and we will continue to get our shipments.

I don't mind paying more for gas since I don't drive much, but changing coffee brands, that would have really pissed me off!!!!111 ;)

i think you're doing an amazing job!
so keep it up!
plenty of us think of you as a hero.

And PLEASE let us know if there's anything we can do here on the West Coast!

Are you still seeing press and media people? We're hearing that the media have been banned from New Orleans by FEMA and Bush.

where have you heard that? I've not seen anything on that yet...

(Deleted comment)
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it is sad that you have to screen comments.
pot shots at your fiancee & past career are just that, pot shots.
someone is looking to wind you up because they suck at life.
keep on keeping on.
one thing i've learned from the irish?
fuck the begrudgers.

i predict a wave of FakejournalsTM.--mza.

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Does This Mean?

That all anonymous posts are being blocked?


only until they are unscreened

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Just a quick comment. Thank you for giving me an inside "honest" look at what is going on down there. I'm in Washington State and all I've heard is what the news reporters have been telling us. I've been following your journal for a few days now, and my WMP has your cam on all the time.

It's nice to have an inside point of view.

Be well..Try to get some rest.

You are in my thoughts :-)

Observing & Support

I have been reading and looking at the photos and live cam for the past week at least and I'm hooked. More interesting than reality TV or ER. I swear you guys have the makings of a great novel. It is so refreshing to have access to a primary source of information. I assume that you have access to news sources, etc so you know how things are being portrayed outside..... Right? Your whole team is providing a valuable service to your clients and your CBD community. I am glad you are exempt from evacuating! Keep up the excellent work. When your project is finished, another door will open. My husband knows a bit about the military and we both thought it was great how you all handled the visit from the 82nd Airborne. Now you know who to call to sweep 27 floors without elevators!

Just a note concerning your last...umm...concern... I do think that you'll have little problem finding a new job. As I've said before, you're like a freaking Navy SEAL I.T. guy. If only were more like you. =D

May the peace of God be with you alway...



so true

I work in Australia, some companies i do some work for have really become worried about this sort of thing happening here (in Brisbane the buildings wouldn't be so lucky). IF i was in a position to hire you, i definitely would.


Thats so completely rediculous that you have to screen your comments, and a few ruined it for the many.

Personally I think you've been an inspiration to a lot of people, and have been a very reliable source of news amidst the lack of reporting we're getting from the mainstream media on several fronts. I find in kinda frightening that I trust something posted to a Livejournal more than I trust it from CNN.

I wish you and Crystal the best. I'd say you should go for California, but I'm biased. Wherever you end up, good luck!

I watched the show last night. I have to say I was rather unimpressed by her emotion...she cared a lot when she was looking at the empty disgusting room, but when a woman collapsed in her arms, she looked either completely at a loss as to what to do or unaffected by it...i was disappointed.

I'm sorry people are disrespecting you. I have the utmost respect for what you are doing and I applaud you.

Did anybody see kanyewest performing at the Apple Special Event? The stream is available from apple.com. He thanked Steve for still letting him perform, and the crowd cheered him.

Hope the nue crue at Outpost Crystal are doing alright


You FULLY deserve much! needed rest, God Bless You & Your Fiancee'. It is so very, very sad that people have such negative comments about all of this.

God Bless ALL of You There!!!

Oprah ran two shows, one yesterday and one today. Quite moving actually. I hope that anything that helps happens and celebs do have money and clout to get things done, motivate people, etc.

it's sad that people resort to that ...


I've been keep up with your site since Katrina hit. Thanks for offering such a balanced view on the whole situation. Much better than TV or other news sites. God Bless from Oklahoma (my good friend is camped out in front of the convention center with the Guard right now)

HINT: If you wouldn't advertise your fiancee up like you do you wouldn't give weirdo internet chatters something to talk about thus making derogatory comments that you are in turn offended by. Just something to keep in your mind...........

keep in mind this continues to be a private blog, even after the events that began two weeks ago

Re: fiancee (Anonymous) Expand

Good luck with keeping up on your successful survival.

I have to admit... when I first heard about your LJ many days ago, my first thought was "oh they must be some arrogant, show-off guys trying to act tough by living through the storm". However, I have since read every single entry you have made and I am impressed by your team's intelligence, strength, dedication, and courage. It is clear to me now that you are not there to be hot-shots. It was a personal LJ and just happened to turn into what it is, documentation through an unbelievable event. I love reading the insider's scoop and seeing "real" pictures (not media-chosen pictures). Thank you, to the whole team, for being outstanding American citizens.

It is a shame that there always has to be someone to try and ruin a good and noble experience...and the anonymity of the internet makes this more likely....but know this- for every one asshole sitting in his dank little apartment, writing his vitriolic piss-poor comments out of sheer jealousy there are hundreds more like me who laud not onyl your past service to this country but your true courage in remaining in that desperate city and keeping us up to date. The others are not worth the breath and spit it takes to curse them. You've done the one thing that will both infuriate and negate them....you've ignored them :) Keep up the great work, man...there are many of us out here who are rooting for you!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I respect your military record!

VERY well deserved dreams.
Thanks for the ride so far.

LOTS of lights on cam now. Convoy from hell maybe?

The 'detractors' you speak of just want the "fame" of being read by thousands. I'm glad you're not going to let that happen.

You guys are doing a great job - *thumbs up* to the new crew.

Get some rest, buddy.

Hi. Thank you for doing this. I've heard snippets here and there about media being kept from the bodies. True? Is there anything you can do? How many dead are there? I'm so afraid that there will be people never accounted for publicly.

Good luck to you, and thank you again.

In Australia they're saying it's only like 50-something now but they estimate over 10,000 deaths...

Halliburton news, today!!!!!!!!!

It was announced yesterday that Halliburton had been awarded contracts to begin the rebuilding in areas damaged by hurricane Katrina.

Re: Halliburton news, today!!!!!!!!!

Does this surprise anyone? Really?


Good decision

Shame that the minority spoil it for the majority but it's your blog so you have every right not to enter into discussion about whatever you like. The fact you've been here having this dialogue with the world doesn't mean you have to offer a platform to small minded bigots.


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