What about the national guard? Still no sign of them?

Isn't a good portion of the LANG in iraq? I heard they had just shipped out.

Keep your head down, stay locked and loaded.

What happened to the 1,500 officers the mayor said he pulled off S&R to stem the looting?

Communication is a mess. getting 1,500 to round up on foot will take awhile.

hopefully the looters won't get their hands on these radios, the last thing you want is more intel about police and military actions in the hands of the criminal elements.

Well think about it. You know your home town like the back of your hand. And they, (the looters), have been out and about the city freely and know where to go. Not to be negative, but the cops got a couple strikes against them right there.

avoid useless comments

lets all keep the signal:noise ratio high and avoid posting informationless comments (servicesix, beaukat), cuz the blog's been mentioned on CNN, the masses are coming.

Re: avoid useless comments

right on!

Anything you can do to help the police or the city establish coms? Your high up and you have power. Maybe if the city set up a command post and tapped some of your power to run repeaters? In return, they supply diesel?

I live in portland oregon

I know for a fact your locals are off the wall with no intel, I have been trying and trying to get someone to let us know what we can do, us being a large group of C.E.R.T. trained volunteers attempting to organise help to come to you. FEMA has not activated any of the cert'saccept for your local one from the EOC and I have no power to get them to do a nationwide voluntary call up. If I can manage to get a group of us together to come there and operate what do we need to know about command? WHere is the medical centers set up? How close can you get to the city before having to switch to watercraft? Is the police/military likely to send us away? etc. please let me know or email me if you dont wish to post here at blacksleeper78 at hotmail com

Re: I live in portland oregon

Why don't you try to connect up with some of the Texas aid? The (Texas) Governor's Division of Emergency Management is requesting the services of 200 physicians and about 380 nurses along with other medically trained personnel -- especially respiratory therapists. Shelters have been set up in Central Texas and Houston.

It's worth a shot to see if you can find a back door in to help! Good luck.

perhaps you could commander the security cams the building must have? reroute the video feed to your floor so you can give yourselves some heads-up should the thugs appear?

Not trying to be sarcastic, or even rhetorical here, but I have to ask:

What did the police due before they had radios/cell phones/other forms of instant communication to keep in touch? Are there any old procedures that will still be recognized? I understand that part of the problem seems to be officers going rogue, but from the sounds of your recoveree, some of them are just waiting for any sort of order to be established.

I'm asking because from what I've gathered of your military background, you might actually know a solution for this.

Land lines and whistles, remember the phone Top Cat was always using, or am I showing my age? Military have frequency agile encrypted radios.

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more national guard units in texas are being activated, my understanding is that they will be headed your way in the morning. much luck to y'all, thanks for keeping us updated.

They need the Marines down there.

Stay safe.

Wow man.

You people stay safe and keep us informed of what is actually going on at NOLA.

Good luck, and keep your head down.

stop posting good luck

It's nice, but we all assume we all mean good luck and hope they stay safe. This blog will be a boring mess in the morn cuz its hit CNN and 10x the traffic will be here commenting 'good luck' with 1000 comments/update, itll be a pain to read and get real info out of.


(ok thats it on this topic from me....)

hey - are you still having human waste disposal problems? theron suggests finding potted plants, there must be quite a few in that building. use the potting soil to cover up solid waste in a bucket or somthing - not pee. pee somewhere else. it will help with the smell and containment. don't pee where you poop, though! let me know how you are.


Hell, the way things are going, might as well just bust out a window a decent distance up and use that as a urinal.

During one of the hurricaines that stomped clear into Northern VA, a lot of communication went down. I'm a ham operator, and so first thing I did was hit the local frequencies.

Which, while better than nothing, were still full of total chaos and "I'm better qualified to do this than you." ego posturing by people who felt that it was -their- time to shine.

Go invade a "radio shack", snag any two way radios. CB/FRS/GMRS, or even 2meter ham. Sure, you're -supposed- to be licensed to use them. But to be honest? Right now, survival would make me throw that out the window. also snag a trunking scanner or two, and any "police frequency" books. (If your friendly cops can't supply freq's)

If you need radio knowledge/help, my contact info is in my profile.

Good luck. And who's going to play you, in the made-for-tv movie about this?

Go invade a "radio shack", snag any two way radios.

But then that would be looting and becoming one of the "criminal element" (read: poor, black men).

Not trying to be rude or anything, but is there merit to the 'marial law' entry in Wikipedia which states:

"Hurricane Katrina

Contrary to many media reports, martial law has not been declared in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, because no such term exists in Louisiana state law[4]. Rather, a state of emergency has been declared, which does give some powers similar to that of martial law."

Re: Martial law?

That's a local and state declaration, the federal government through it's military can and has declared martial law with the NO City Limits.

Normally City's and states go APE-Sh$$ when the Federal government even mentioned inacting martial law, but in this case I don't think they mind.

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Re: Martial law? (Anonymous) Expand
Like a lot of people, I just want to thank you for doing this.

all the troops are in iraq

thank bush and cheney for that

I don't understand how the police force can be totally impotent. What have they been doing since the hurricane? Didn't they do anything to prepare for such a disaster? Hell, they have manuals every which way for dealing with a terrorist attack, but not a hurricane which would shut off communication? I remember you posting a couple of days ago about how they weren't even having check-ins except every 12+ hours or so. Why did they stop doing normal roll calls? Instead of being dispatched to calls, they could have been patroling their districts to the best of their ability, reconvening at their newly declared HQ to check-in and give updates, etc. Who was in charge? What sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and chief of police just said, 'OK, boys, we don't have radios, so do what you want!'?

THIS is the kind of shit I want you telling CBS.

Looters own the streets.

This isn't news. You've been telling us as much, just not this clearly, since you started telling us about cops looting.

You folks stay safe and keep your own group's chain-of-command secure.

Good luck, good vibes sent your way. And to your folks.

I live in Seattle

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone during this time of crises. Be strong!

Thugs do not own the street!

Organize the people and take control back. Convince them to identify and locate the thugs for the police.

Re: Thugs do not own the street!

What Police? Seems that authorities are treating citizens like terrorists.

To quote Demolition Man:
"We're police officers! We're not trained to handle this kind of violence!"

I hope you guys stay safe.


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